About Us


Mark & Susan Holbrook grew up in Bryan, Ohio and were high school sweethearts.   They married in 1986 and remain happily married to this day.  Living close by are daughters Jackie, Catie (and husband Kurtis), Sarah, foster daughter Shannon, and granddaughter Regina.

The Holbrook’s history of working with volunteer and non-profit organizations is extensive and diverse.  For a vast part of their married life they have been involved in community service.  From mentoring youth to overseeing a large food pantry, their commitment to such worthwhile causes is clear.

In November of 2008, Mark made the first of many journeys to the East African nation of Kenya.  Susan joined him for the first time in August of 2011. In Nairobi, they encountered a small orphan child named William.   After much thought, they began the lengthy process of adoption.   Their investment, both financially and emotionally, was great; but more than four years later it came to an abrupt end.   William was adopted domestically by a family within Kenya.

International adoptions are expensive.  Friends and family members had contributed to the adoption fund to help offset the enormous cost.  Once the adoption process had ended, Mark and Susan obtained their permission to use the donor funds as seed money to launch the Acacia Alliance.