40 Desks Delivered, 60 Desks Still Needed

We are very happy to announce that the first 40 desks have been delivered to the Nairobi area school we visited in February of this year. The children have already begun making good use of these desks. Helen, the school’s administrator, asked me to extend her heartfelt thanks to all of the wonderful people who gave to help meet this need.


As wonderful as that is, the school is still in need of an addition 60 desks. Donating an amount as small as $35.00 will provide a desk for two children every year for many years to come. Each desk will also offer space for the children to store their books and school supplies.


Gifts of any size can make a big difference.

1/2 desk – $17.50
1 desk – $35.00
2 desks – $70.00
3 desks – $105.00
5 desks – $175.00
10 desks – $350.00
60 desks – $2100.00

All donations are tax-deductible and may be given securely online using PayPal or sent to our postal address.



The Acacia Alliance
207 South Liberty Street
West Unity, Ohio 43570










Do You ebay?

Do you buy or sell on ebay?

Both buyers and sellers have the option of making a donation to a registered charity. The Acacia Alliance is registered as an officially recognized charitable organization with PayPal and ebay.

As a seller, when you list an item you can predetermine a percentage of the selling price to be donated. Potential buyers will be able to see this and often pay more for an item that will benefit a charity.

As a buyer, at the time of finalizing your purchase you can select to make a donation of any amount you choose to any recognized charity.

The Acacia Alliance also is a listed seller on ebay. For each and every item listed by us, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to benefit our ongoing work in Africa. Click the link below to see one of the beautiful Shukas, the traditional blanket worn by the legendary Maasai people in Kenya and Tanzania.



Singing and dancing always generate big smiles  from the children .

We Now Have Property For Our School

It is official. We have purchased a piece of land in Kisii that is adjacent to the orphanage we are partnering with. This newly acquired site will be the future location of The Acacia Academy of Kisii.

The Acacia Academy of Kisii is being established to provide a quality tuition-free education to the children living in the Kisii Children’s Home. By eliminating all school fees from their budget, the directors and staff will be able to increase the number of orphans being cared for at their facility.

The future home of The Acacia Academy of Kisii is less than 100 meters from the front of the orphanage.

The future home of The Acacia Academy of Kisii is less than 100 meters from the front of the orphanage.

We can do something!

We recently became aware of a young mother in Nairobi whose infant son is in desperate need of an operation that she could not afford. The cost would be about 10,000 Kenya shillings or $100.00. Her wages are only 6000 KSH or $60.00 per month.

Working with a local Pastor, we verified the need and contributed enough to provide the balance of what she needed to pay the medical bill.

While the amount may not seem significant to many of us, the impact of that gift was enormous for both mother and child.

People often make excuses for inaction. I have often heard things like, “the needs are too many”, “the need is too big”, “I’m only one person” or “I don’t know if the need is legitimate”. Let me encourage you. You may not be able to do everything but you can do something.


The Fruit!

We always enjoy incredible fresh fruits and vegetables when we are in Kenya, but the types vary by season. Right now we are getting the most amazing avocados picked fresh and ripe. I couldn’t believe how big the avocado trees were or how many avocados were on each tree.


A Great Honor

I received a great honor on Saturday when I was given a live goat while visiting a remote Kenyan village.


Thanks Paige

This article is in today’s edition of the Defiance Crescent. This young lady took it upon herself to organize a fundraiser for The Acacia Alliance. Thank you Paige!

Human hand holding an african map

Inaugural Journey

The Acacia Alliance’s inaugural journey to Kenya has begun. I am on my way to the airport! I have a number of meetings scheduled that will have a direct impact on our work there. Great things are coming. They are closer than you think!