40 Desks Delivered, 60 Desks Still Needed

We are very happy to announce that the first 40 desks have been delivered to the Nairobi area school we visited in February of this year. The children have already begun making good use of these desks. Helen, the school’s administrator, asked me to extend her heartfelt thanks to all of the wonderful people who gave to help meet this need.


As wonderful as that is, the school is still in need of an addition 60 desks. Donating an amount as small as $35.00 will provide a desk for two children every year for many years to come. Each desk will also offer space for the children to store their books and school supplies.


Gifts of any size can make a big difference.

1/2 desk – $17.50
1 desk – $35.00
2 desks – $70.00
3 desks – $105.00
5 desks – $175.00
10 desks – $350.00
60 desks – $2100.00

All donations are tax-deductible and may be given securely online using PayPal or sent to our postal address.



The Acacia Alliance
207 South Liberty Street
West Unity, Ohio 43570










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