Do You ebay?

Do you buy or sell on ebay?

Both buyers and sellers have the option of making a donation to a registered charity. The Acacia Alliance is registered as an officially recognized charitable organization with PayPal and ebay.

As a seller, when you list an item you can predetermine a percentage of the selling price to be donated. Potential buyers will be able to see this and often pay more for an item that will benefit a charity.

As a buyer, at the time of finalizing your purchase you can select to make a donation of any amount you choose to any recognized charity.

The Acacia Alliance also is a listed seller on ebay. For each and every item listed by us, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to benefit our ongoing work in Africa. Click the link below to see one of the beautiful Shukas, the traditional blanket worn by the legendary Maasai people in Kenya and Tanzania.


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