We can do something!

We recently became aware of a young mother in Nairobi whose infant son is in desperate need of an operation that she could not afford. The cost would be about 10,000 Kenya shillings or $100.00. Her wages are only 6000 KSH or $60.00 per month.

Working with a local Pastor, we verified the need and contributed enough to provide the balance of what she needed to pay the medical bill.

While the amount may not seem significant to many of us, the impact of that gift was enormous for both mother and child.

People often make excuses for inaction. I have often heard things like, “the needs are too many”, “the need is too big”, “I’m only one person” or “I don’t know if the need is legitimate”. Let me encourage you. You may not be able to do everything but you can do something.

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